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Cover Reveal: A Swirl of Ocean by Melissa Sarno

Hello, Melissa Sarno! Thank you for stopping by to share the stunning cover for A Swirl of Ocean. Please tell us about the scene Leo Nickolls illustrated on the cover.

Melissa Sarno: Thank you so much for having me here, Mr. Schu! The cover features my main character, Summer, in her beach town, Barnes Bluff. She’s caught in a swirl of dreams and secrets, trying to understand why she was found on that beach when she was two years old. She wants to understand where she came from, so she captures the ocean water in a jar and decides to swallow it. She believes that the ocean knows her history and, if she drinks it, she can know that history because it will be inside her. That’s when she starts having some strange dreams… 

Which three words best describe Summer?

Melissa Sarno: 


Where's your favorite place in Barnes Bluff?

Melissa: I like the marsh on the side of the road. It’s where Summer finds an old painted canoe and meets the mysterious Turtle Lady for t…

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