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Book Trailer Premiere: Truth or Lies: Sharks by Erica S. Perl and Michael Slack

Hello, Erica S. Perl! Welcome back to Watch. Connect. Read. It is always a treat when we get to celebrate books together. Thank you for stopping by to share the book trailer for the Truth or Lie series. I know of so many readers and teachers who are going to LOVE the unique format of this series.

Erica S. Perl: Thanks so much for having me! I always love to visit with you!

What are three of your favorite facts about dinosaurs, sharks, and presidents?

1. Sleeping sharks stay awake to finish good books.

2. George Washington chopped down a cherry tree, then turned its bark into paper for his autobiography.

3. Dinosaurs did not read, which is why they are now extinct.

Actually, none of those “facts” are actually true (though the third one sounds right to me!). In the TRUTH OR LIE books, you read four statements, three of which are TRUE and one of which is a LIE. Then you try to spot the lie, turn the page to find out if you guessed right, and learn even more facts. Cool, right? T…

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