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Book Trailer Premiere: Penguin Flies Home by Lita Judge

Happy Wednesday! Author-illustrator Lita Judge dropped by to chat with me about Penguin Flies Home's book trailer, picture books, school libraries, and Beatrix Potter. I wrote the words in purple, and she wrote the words in black. Thank you, Lita! 

Penguin Flies Home’s book trailer was created by my husband, Dave, and me. I always know when my drawings for a book begin to work, because the characters start dancing around in my mind, so much so, I almost feel like I hear a soundtrack with them. By the time I finished this book, penguin felt as real as any family member. So it is a lot of fun to bring animation and music to him. 

Penguin loves to fly. Even though he is a little round penguin, he has faith in himself, and perseverance enough never to give up on his dreams. This belief is contagious, and other birds can’t resist helping him fulfill his dreams. That’s what I love most about this little fellow. He teaches me every day, never give up! And that if we all work together, we e…

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