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Survivor Girl by Erin Teagan

Hello, Erin! Welcome to Watch. Connect. Read.! Thank you for stopping by to celebrate Survivor Girl’s cover. Please tell us about the scene Scott Brundage featured on the cover.
Erin Teagan: I absolutely love the scene on the cover. My main character, Alison, looks so strong and capable, exactly how she would want to be portrayed. I also love how the camera and sound boom are subtle, almost like you could miss them at first glance. The cover says so much about the story and Alison’s struggle with what is real and not.

Scenario: Alison Duncan’s teacher asks her to booktalk Survivor Girl. Ready, set, go!
Erin Teagan:Survivor Girl is this book I just read about this girl that likes pop tarts and eating all the chocolate out of trail mix and her dad is a super famous survival guy. She wants to be just like her dad, except she’s not so great at the survival stuff, even though she tells all of her friends that she’s going to be the next big Survivor Girl. But then – she gets to go on set wi…

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