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Mine. Yours. by Marsha Diane Arnold and Qin Leng

Happy Tuesday! I am celebrating the book birthday of Mine. Yours.with author Marsha Diane Arnold. She dropped by to chat with me about Qin Leng's illustrations, pandas, story, and Caldecott Medalist Matthew Cordell. I wrote the words in purple, and she wrote the words in black. Thank you, Marsha! Congratulations! 

Mine. Yours. tells the story of opening your heart, even if you’re pushed a little into opening it.

Opening your heart:

Pushed a little into opening your heart:

Qin Leng’s illustrations are exquisite.

Pandas, a pangolin, a raccoon dog, a red panda, a fishing cat, a river otter, Chinese jumping mice, yellow-throated martens, and a golden snub-nosed monkey are amazing creatures found in Asia and they are also found in Mine. Yours.

I hope Mine. Yours works its way into your heart the way Little Panda worked his way into the hearts of Big Panda and the other forest creatures.

Story is the foundation of our humanity. Story takes us on a journey, leads us on an adventure. The best…

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