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The Tornado by Jake Burt

Hello, Jake Burt! Welcome back to Watch. Connect. Read.! I hope your school year is going well. What have you been up to since the last time you visited on December 6, 2017?

Jake Burt: Thanks for having me back, John, and for all you do to support children and the authors who write for them. I’ve been the most wonderful kind of busy since last I visited: I continued to tour the country to talk to students about my novels (GREETINGS FROM WITNESS PROTECTION! and THE RIGHT HOOK OF DEVIN VELMA), I wrote several new books (THE TORNADO, which comes out this October, and another novel slated for 2020), and continued to teach my fabulous fifth graders here in Connecticut.

Speaking of THE TORNADO, I can’t wait any longer to show off this cover. Gwen Keraval, a graphic designer and artist who has done work for the Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and the Boston Globe, absolutely knocked it out of the park. My jaw dropped when I saw it, and it’s been tremendously hard to resist plastering the…

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