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Cooler Than Lemonade by Harshita Jerath and Chloe Burgett

Happy, happy Friday! I'm grateful Harshita Jerath stopped by to finish my sentences. We discussed Cooler Than Lemonade , Chole Burgett's illustrations, Eva, story, and more. I wrote the words in purple, and Harshita wrote the words in black . Thank you, Harshita!  Cooler Than Lemonade tells the story of a young girl, Eva, who is always full of creative ideas, and one hot summer day, she gets an idea to open a lemonade stand. Her lemonade stand thrives until she encounters a friendly competition from Jake across the street. Eva keeps coming up with new ideas to make her lemonade stand standout, but Jake has good ideas too. Eventually, Eva runs out of fresh ideas and decides to wrap up her lemonade stand. She’s miserable without any fresh ideas until she discovers that one of the coolest ideas— opening a Kulfi* stand—was always with her. She just had to think outside the box. This story is about generating ideas, being willing to experiment, embracing failure, and getting back u

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