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Nothing in Common by Kate Hoefler and Corinna Luyken

Hello, Kate Hoefler! Hello, Corinna Luyken! Thank you for visiting Watch. Connect. Read. to celebrate Nothing in Common. I’ve read it aloud to myself and Lou Grant, my cat, multiple times. It is so soothing. It is so calming. It is so marvelous. I spot something new in the gorgeous illustrations each time I experience it. I want to pore over the illustrations for days. I’ve spent a great deal of time thinking about this line, “Things they felt under the floors of their hearts.”

Corinna Luyken: Thank you for having us, John! It is wonderful to be here. It’s a beautiful fall day here in Washington, the first sunny day after about a week of rain. Which means it is COLD and frosty this morning. Which also means I have spent my morning opening and closing my studio door: to let one cat in and one cat out, then to let the first cat back out while the other cat comes back in (repeat times ten!) This feels, at the moment, like it is the story of my life.

Which is to say that small furry ani…

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