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Don't Trust Cats: Life Lessons from Chip the Dog by Dev Petty and Mike Boldt

Happy Thursday! It is always a good day when Dev Petty stops by to finish my sentences. We discussed cats, dogs, Mike Boldt, Frances Gilbert, The Gift of Story , and more. I wrote the words in purple, and she wrote the words in black . Thank you, Dev!  Don't Trust Cats: Life Lessons from Chip the Dog features wise advise from Chip, a dog who is maybe not so bright but ultimately sure, confident, and earnest..not an ounce of sarcasm. Chip is just happy to tell you what it's like to be a dog, to be Chip, and keep you from making his same mistakes. In this case, the questionable act of trusting Mittens, and of course eating bees. Mike Boldt’s illustrations... As always Mike's illustrations are bright, electric, unique! They jump off the page with humor and charm. Mike has an extraordinary ability to contribute nuance and color, life, silliness, dimension into every page turn. With Mike, I can write things and just KNOW he'll figure out a way to work it out- usually to mak

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