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Courage Hats by Kate Hoefler and Jessixa Bagley

Hello, Kate Hoefler! Hello, Jessixa Bagley! Wow! Whoa! Oh! Oh! Oh, my heart! Courage Hats is so beautiful, so profound, so much fun to read aloud slowly and thoughtfully. I love it so! I want to gift a copy to many people! Jessixa, please tell everyone about the moment you captured on the cover. Jessixa Bagley:  It was exciting to figure out how to pull people into this story. But the cover was a little tricky at first. The title of the book is so engaging and is also little mysterious, so we weren’t sure at first if we should keep the hats a visual secret until you got into the book. We ultimately decided showing the hats would make the reader want to pick up the book and discover why these silly hats were on these sweet characters! The train is like the third character in the book, so we knew we wanted to show Mae (the girl) and Bear (the…bear) having lots of fun together on the train. That visual of Mae and Bear with their hands on the window, sharing and seeing exciting new things

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