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Hustle Bustle Bugs by Catherine Bailey and Lauren Eldridge

Hello, Catherine Bailey! Hello, Lauren Eldridge! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow is the word I keep coming back to when I think about Hustle Bustle Bugs . Wow! Catherine, what ran through your head or your heart the first time you saw Lauren’s phenomenal illustrations? Catherine Bailey:  The first time I saw Lauren’s artwork I literally shouted. I was ECSTATIC! Her level of detail and creativity is astounding. I could tell that she “got” this book. She intuitively understood that the story wasn’t just about bugs, but also about their environment and interconnectivity. She used a huge variety of materials - many straight from nature, like flower petals! - to create textural, layered atmospheres and characters. I am excited for kids to get inspired and craft their own insects. And I will never look at tinfoil the same. Lauren, what ran through your head or your heart the first time you read Catherine’s manuscript for Hustle Bustle Bugs ? Lauren Eldridge: I was blown away! Catherine was able to be som

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