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River by Elisha Cooper

Hello, Elisha Cooper! It was wonderful spending time with you on Facebook Live during ALA Annual 2018 in New Orleans. During our conversation, you mentioned River. I’m thrilled you’re here to share River’s cover with the world. What do you love most about the Hudson River?

Elisha Cooper: So many things! I love that the Hudson River starts in the mountain wilderness of the Adirondacks and ends in the bustling harbor of New York City. What else besides a river has moose and tugboats? Nothing. I love that diversity. The Hudson also has been hugely important in our country’s history, which is true of all great rivers (when we spoke in New Orleans we were on the banks of the Mississippi). And rivers are good narrative devices. They start, they finish. This book is about the adventures of a brave young woman as she canoes down the Hudson, and the obstacles she must face as she paddles her way home. 

What came first: the text or the illustrations?

Elisha Cooper: Coffee came first (coffee alwa…

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