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Quintessence by Jess Redman

Hello, Jess Redman! I am honored you returned to Watch. Connect. Read. to share Matt Rockefeller’s PHENOMENAL cover illustration and Elizabeth Clark’s design for Quintessence. Whoa!

Jess Redman: Hello, Mr. Schu! Thank you so very much for having me back! This cover, by the same team as the Miraculous cover, is everything I could have hoped for and more. Alma, her quintescope, the falling Starling—every detail is perfect.

Please tell us about the…
Find the Elements.
Grow the Light.
Save the Starling.

…tag line across the top of Quintessence’s cover. 

Jess Redman: Quintessence is a quest story, and these are the words that spark Alma’s journey. They are first spoken by the mysterious owner of the Fifth Point, which is both a junk shop and an observatory located in the very center of the town of Four Points. 

Alma and her new friends from Astronomy Club later discover these same words in a very old, very strange book, along with other magical secrets about the connection between fallen s…

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