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The Button Box by Bridget Hodder and Fawzia Gilani-Williams

Hello, Bridget Hodder! Hello, Dr. Fawzia Gilani-Williams! Thank you for celebrating The Button Box together today. Bridget and Fawzia:  Hello, Mr. Schu! We are so glad to be here together. Thanks for having us. Fawzia, please take us on a tour of Harshad Marathe’s wonderful cover illustration. Fawzia:  We were thrilled when we first saw Harshad's magnificent cover! Set in the tranquility of Granny Buena’s living room, it captures the exciting moment when Nadeem discovers the astonishing time-traveling secret of the Button Box. Meanwhile, Ava and Sheba encounter a window into the past, about to be whisked away. The peach color throughout represents gentle care and love, a theme that flows from Granny Buena to her two grandchildren. Harshad uses the brighter color, orange, to signify warmth, energy, and the fire of adventure! He also uses some khaki in the furniture, a color that relates to Nadeem and Ava's down-to-earth qualities and the green of their ever-growing friendship. T

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