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Sydney Taylor Blog Tour: Eight Nights of Flirting by Hannah Reynolds

Hello, Hannah Reynolds! Welcome to Watch. Connect. Read.! Congratulations on Eight Nights of Flirting being named a Sydney Taylor Honor book . What does receiving this award mean to you?  Hannah Reynolds:  Getting a Sydney Taylor Honor fills me with such joy. It's wonderful to know that Eight Nights of Flirting resonates with readers, and that more teens will be reading it. While Hanukkah - despite being a minor holiday - probably shows up more than any other Jewish holiday in fiction, there's still barely any young adult novels where teenagers are shown actively celebrating it. I hope having this kind of representation in a romantic comedy makes lots of teens feel seen, and like their stories can also be filled with fun and joy. Scenario: A high school teacher-librarian asks you to booktalk Eight Nights of Flirting to a group of juniors. What do you share with them? Hannah Reynolds:  First, I'd want them to know Eight Night exists because I think books that bring joy a

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