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Genesis Begins Again by Alicia D. Williams

Happy Tuesday! I am honored to turn over Watch. Connect. Read. for the day to author and elementary school teacher Alicia D. Williams. I am excited for Genesis Begins Again, Alicia's BEAUTIFUL and SOUL-TOUCHING debut novel, to hit shelves on January 15, 2019. Congratulations, Alicia!

The advice of “write what you know” is always always given. What did I know? Well, I knew about a girl who hated being short, fat, and squatty. This girl was also told over and over that her hair wasn’t straight enough, that she’d be cute if only she were the right skin shade, and yes, perhaps her forehead was a little too big. So, when I began to write this story, I wrote what I knew . . . because that girl was me. And she’s almost every other girl—in some form or another—that I’ve grown up with or met along the way.

I’ve witnessed countless girls (and even boys) be judged and rated by their looks. Old church ladies or well-meaning elders compliment the light-skinned kids with good hair or colored eyes…

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