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The Ramble Shamble Children by Christina Soontornvat and Lauren Castillo

Hello, Christina Soontornvat! Hello, Lauren Castillo! I am so grateful for the time we spent together on Book Joy Live in April. During the episode, Lauren shared one of The Ramble Shamble Children’s BEAUTIFUL interior illustrations. Today, you’re both here to share the cover. HOORAY! 

Christina, please tell us about the 5 children featured on the cover.

Christina: Merra, Finn, Locky, Roozle, and Jory are living and thriving alone together in their ramble shamble house. They each have their own very important jobs at the house that help keep things running smoothly: Merra tends the garden; Finn looks after the chickens; the twins scare off the always-hungry blackbirds; Jory takes care of the mud. The five kids are resourceful and tough, and (like most kids) can really get a lot more done on their own than people might expect. They are inspired by characters I created for my daughter, back when she used to beg for stories “with absolutely no grownups!”

Lauren, thank you for sending me a …

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