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Cover Reveal: The Ship in the Window by Travis Jonker and Matthew Cordell

Happy Monday! I'm excited and honored Travis Jonker and Matthew Cordell stopped by to finish my sentences. We discussed The Ship in the Window 's cover, Mabel, mice, and more. I wrote the words in purple, Matthew wrote the words in black , and Travis wrote the words in green . Thank you, Travis and Matthew!  The Ship in the Window ’s cover is inspired by classic, epic movie poster design. Something about this story always had that kind of sensibility and that's how I approached the illustrations and ultimately the cover design too. Travis Jonker’s manuscript for The Ship in the Window was such a treat to read from the very beginning. It's a big journey by the smallest of creatures--a mouse. I have a special fondness for mice and drawing mice, and I love big adventures too. I loved this story from my very first reading. Ships are an exciting way to travel! I've had very little experience on boats of any kind, but there's an old, romantic feeling about all things

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