Monday, January 3, 2011

Mr. Schu Reads and Knuffle, Pigeon, and Scaredy Travel

Today's videos remind me of Coke and Pepsi McDonald's (The Genius Files: Mission Unstoppable) cross-country road trip. They visit over the top Roadside America attractions, jump off a cliff, and escape from a burning building. I can relate. Well, not jumping or escaping, but I'll drive 150 miles out of my way to visit the World's Largest Buffalo. Why do I do this? To read.

Every librarian takes his favorite characters on vacation, right?

He'll look great in your library?

Scaredy's new book comes out in February. I'm hosting a Scaredy Squirrel-themed birthday party. (PDF) I wish you could come.
1st graders love to read with Pigeon and Knuffle

Does Knuffle Bunny make you smile?

First graders created their own Pigeon story

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  1. Mr Schu, do you ever sleep? I want to come to Scaredy's birthday party.