The Kansas City Public Library

One of my goals during this year's road trip is to visit a library in every state. So far I have been successful in my mission. Some libraries are amazing and some do their best with the resources available. The Kansas City Public Library is in the amazing category both because of its physical space and because of outstanding employees who create a welcoming and fun environment.

Paul Smith is a 2011 Library Journal Mover and Shaker. He took us on a tour of the library. Thanks, Paul!

I think Clare Hollander is an amazing youth services librarian.

Mr. Schu Reads Jonathan Auxier's Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes on top of a Book

I want this bench in my school library.

Mr. Schu Reads with Giant Books

The parking garage has giant books attached to it.

Take a look at the children's department









  1. Man, I've driven through that town twice on the way out to Colorado and didn't think to check out the library. I'll know better next time! :)

  2. This is such a great library. I love the book spines along the parking garage and think the library itself, a converted bank, is wonderful. The bank's vault, now the 'film vault' is a really creative use of the space. During different times of year they show old movies down there and it is such a fun looking space.


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