Laura Ingalls Wilder's Historic Home

My friend Donna and I anxiously anticipated our visit to Rocky Ridge, Laura Ingalls Wilder’s historic home where she wrote the Little House series. Laura’s museum houses artifacts that help paint a picture of her ordinary life and extraordinary accomplishments. In case you were wondering, Pa’s fiddle is on display

While we toured her farm house, I marveled at her contributions to children’s literature. After all, she won five Newbery Honors. Donna was in fan girl mode, having read every Little House book multiple times and having watched every episode of Little House on the Prairie. As a young girl, she wished she lived on the prairie and had a husband like “Manly.”

Donna loves Laura Ingalls Wilder. It shows in the video.


Laura Ingalls Wilder loved looking out the window behind my left shoulder.


Owly loved the trees surrounding Laura's historic home.

Where I Read this Summer: Rocky Ridge - 7/7/11

Rocky Ridge is a peaceful place to read.


Owly insisted on taking a nap .

Frankie Pickle Visited Laura Ingalls Wilder's Historic Home

Frankie Pickle wants to read all the Little House books.


  1. I've really been enjoying your blog posts, tweets and the buzz around your trip. Thanks for taking the trip I've always wanted to take and sharing it.

  2. Have you heard of the Laura Ingalls Wilder conference Laurapalooza 2012? Check out our website

  3. Well, I think we now know where we're going on a family trip next summer ...


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