Tilly the Trickster by Molly Shannon

Anderson's Bookshop hosts at least a dozen authors every month. You can count on me to attend nearly every event, but I usually skip celebrity events. The events are usually too crowded and held at an off-site location. Plus, I'm not typically a fan of celebrity children's book authors. Why, then, did I attend Molly Shannon's event for her debut picture book, Tilly the Trickster? The answer is simple: I couldn't pass up an opportunity to see her signature "Superstar" move.



Becky Anderson, one of the owners of Anderson's Bookshop, interviewed Molly Shannon about Tilly the Trickster and Saturday Night Live.

Tilly the Trickster

Borrow Tilly the Trickster from your school or public library. Whenever possible, please support independent bookshops.

Molly Shannon promoted Tilly the Trickster on the Today Show.



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