Friday, December 2, 2011

Picture Book Month Videos

International Picture Book Month was a smashing success. My fifth graders revisited their favorite picture books from kindergarten and first grade. I wish you could have heard their conversations. I watched shy and reserved kids come to life. Picture Book Month gave them permission to check out whatever they wanted. It was a beautiful thing. During Picture Book Month, my students read 2,523 picture books.

Thank you to the teachers, librarians, authors, and kids who connected with my school library during International Picture Book Month. You're all Picture Book Champions.

Carter Higgins, a graphic designer and a blogger, created the official Picture Book Month trailer.

Cathy Potter, the school librarian at Falmouth Elementary School, got her students excited about Picture Book Month. One of her third-grade classes explained the importance of picture books.

My students were ambassadors for Picture Book Month. We connected with schools and authors around the world. Thank you, Dianne de Las Casas, for sharing your Picture Book Month vision with the world. I am forever grateful.

If you would like your Picture Book Month video included, please post a comment with the link.


  1. Level 3 Montessori students at Cooper Elementary created a video about why picture books are important:

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