Monday, January 30, 2012

Book Trailer Premiere: Wonder by R.J. Palacio

Jan Dundon and Mary Yockey, two first-rate booksellers at Anderson's Bookshop, gave me an advance reader's copy of R.J. Palacio’s Wonder. Mary shared that the seventh-grade teachers at her school used it as a read-aloud. Her teachers and students were hooked from the first page. Jan and Mary urged me to move it to the top of my to-read stack. (If you regularly check this blog, you know it is a MASSIVE pile.)

I read Wonder two or three days later. Actually, a nickel and Tom Angleberger told me it was time to crack its spine.

August (Auggie) Pullman immediately grabbed my attention, heart, and mind; he did not let go from page 1 until page 308. Two weeks after reading August’s story, I often wonder how he is doing. Is he making friends? Are people judging and staring at him? Are classmates and strangers looking past his facial deformity?

August is a tough kid who will remind readers not to judge someone based on outward appearance. He sees himself as ordinary; however, I think he demonstrates extraordinary bravery and strength.

Now it is time to hear from debut author R.J. Palacio. Colby Sharp interviewed her about Wonder and her research process, and she is today’s Nerdy Book Club guest blogger. On February 14, you can visit a local independent bookshop to meet August and the unforgettable cast of characters in his life. They will touch your heart, guaranteed.

I am giving away two advance reader's copies of Wonder.

Rules for the Giveaway

* The contest runs from January 30 to 11:59 PM on February 3.

* You must be at least 13 to participate.

* Pay it forward. :)

Wonder is divided into eight parts. Part one opens with Natalie Merchant's "Wonder." I listened to it at least twenty-five times while reading August's story. I predict that by the time you finish reading the novel, you'll create a Wonder playlist. I did!

I'm giving away three digital copies of Natalie Merchant's "Wonder."

Rules for the Giveaway

* The contest runs from January 30 to 11:59 PM on February 3.

*You must have an iTunes account.

* You must be at least 13 to participate.

* Pay it forward. :)

"I live in NYC with my husband, two sons, and two dogs. For many years, I was an art director and book jacket designer, designing covers for countless well-known and not so well-known writers in every genre of fiction and nonfiction. I always wanted to write, though. I kept waiting for the perfect time in my life to start writing, but after more than twenty years of designing book jackets for other people, I realized that the perfect time would never really present itself. It's never the perfect time to start writing a book. So I decided to just go for it. Wonder is my first novel. And no, I didn't design the cover, but I sure do love it. " -retrieved from R.J's website

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Newbery Challenge: The Dark Frigate

I never thought I would finish The Dark Frigate. I swear it was over two thousand pages.

Visit Colby Sharp's blog to hear his thoughts on The Dark Frigate.

I'm snapping a picture with each winner. I look slightly distributed in this picture.

The cover on the right was designed by Travis Jonker (aka Scope Notes). He is redesigning the covers of Newbery Medal-winning books.

If my video message to Colby Sharp did not discourage you too much, borrow The Dark Frigate from your school or public library.