Video of the Day: The Official Trailer for The Phantom Tollbooth: Beyond Expectations

Holy wow! Are you as excited as I am to watch this documentary about one of the best children's books ever written? I have such fond memories of reading, discussing, and bringing The Phantom Tollbooth to life with an amazing fourth-grade class.  I must, must re-read it soon! 


  1. I just re-read this over holiday break. Love the words and the playful language. So excited. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I gasped when I read the title of this post!

    It was fun to hear Norton and Jules story of their partnership in this creative adventure. And that of the 50 year agreement!

    David Hyde Pierce is a wonderful storyteller. I wanted to sidle up next to him and listen as he read further on.

  3. This books is /has been/ always will be one of my favorites!


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