Monday, July 13, 2015

Last Week Told Through Vines


I stopped at BookBug on my way to nErDcampMI.

I didn't realize I rented an apartment in Kalamazoo, Michigan. :)

I re-read these wonderful picture books.


Matthew Cordell, Erin Stead, and Philip Stead talked about The Number 5 Bus at nErcampMI.

Erin Stead shared one of her woodblocks from If You Want to See a Whale.


#JackAttack at Nerd Camp! :)

Mackinac Island is the perfect place for a literacy conference. Thank you, #MRASUMMER!


I gave away these books during a presentation at #MRASUMMER.

I've put a lot of miles on this tote bag.


What did I buy at McLean and Eakin Bookstore?

I enjoyed A FINE DESSERT at @LoveofXena's house.


I met Kurt Stroh for coffee in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Holy bagumba! It is a finished copy of Finding Winnie! 


I love my magical mailbox. 

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