Book Trailer Premiere: Secrets of Selkie Bay by Shelley Moore Thomas

"Cordie's seaside fairy tale cast a spell on my imagination. If I lift up the pages and listen closely, I can hear the ocean."

---Natalie Lloyd, author of A Snicker of Magic.

I have always been fascinated by seals. Growing up in the desert, the only place I seals them for real was the Rio Grande Zoo.  I could watch them for hours. I can remember sitting on the bench in front of their habitat with my two young daughters in their double stroller, the three of us completely mesmerized. And when my youngest daughter came along, she too had a special love for seals.

Selkies are special creatures in Celtic folklore. They can shape shift from seal to human with the use of a magical coat. But of course, that is just an old legend--it would be impossible for such a thing to be true...or would it?

I had a blast making the trailer. My nephew composed the music back when I finished the first draft of the book. It is so beautiful and haunting. And I filmed the ocean near where I live now. One of my daughters did the art. It was a family affair to be sure.

Secrets of Selkie Bay by Shelley Moore Thomas 

In their present-day tourist trap of an Irish seaside town, famed for its supposed involvement with selkies in the past, three sisters are faced with the sudden disappearance of their mother. Crushed by the loss, their father is struggling to carry on. To make matters worse, there are rumors afloat in the village that their mother herself is a selkie who has now shed her human form and gone back to sea. As Cordie Sullivan, the oldest daughter, tries to learn more about her mother's vanishing, she must find the strength to help her family move ahead, even as she discovers an increasing number of clues that point to a hidden island off the coast--a mythical kingdom of the selkies.

Borrow Secrets of Selkie Bay from your school or public library. Whenever possible, please support independent bookshops. 


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