September Activity Calendar

Happy September 1st! Happy Library Card Sign-Up Month! I love celebrating book birthdays, literacy events, authors, and month-long celebrations. LibrarySparks' activity calendar is a wonderful resource to help you and your students keep track of what's going on throughout September. 

9 Questions

1. Did you reach for the August/September 2015 issue of LibrarySparks and turn to page 28? (Click here or here for the web version.) 

2. Which events appealed to you? Were you inspired to incorporate a website into a unit or create a display?

3. Do you have a Makerspace? Could your students construct something on Skyscraper Day?  What about for Roald Dahl Day?

4. How will you share the quotations scattered throughout the calendar with your students? 

5. Did you figure out that I created the calendar? :)

6. Are you ready to have a FANTASTIC month? 


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