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Dear Reader, 

Happy Thursday! I hope you're having as much fun with your students as I am with the students enrolled in Materials for Children at Rutgers University (eCollege course).

Course Description
Examination and evaluation of materials for children, birth through age fourteen, primarily in print, though with an awareness of digital options and alternatives. Emphasis on literary and artistic interpretations of picture books and other visual media, the integration of a range of materials into the educational process and the lives of children; multicultural resources for our global society; and, in particular, on nonfiction materials 

I created a Blendspace lesson to keep track of the resources shared throughout the week. I thought you and your students might have fun watching the book trailers and exploring the websites. 

(I recommend viewing the Blendspace lesson here.) 

Happy reading! 


P.S. What did you read aloud on the first day of school? 


  1. I read George and Martha and Leo, a ghost story to my firsthand second graders.

  2. I am always on the lookout for book trailers to use. Your site is one I visit constantly. Thank you for always posting the trailers!! Love Archie and I will be purchasing him for our school's library.

  3. First read aloud for 6th grade: Skinnybones by Barbara Park. Now our read aloud is A Handful of Stars by Cynthia Lord & in science we're reading Endangered by Eliot Schrefer.

  4. I started right in with The One and Only Ivan (3rd grade), James and the Giant Peach (2nd grade), and The Misadventures of the Family Fletcher 4th and 5th). So excited to share them all.

  5. I Will Take a Nap (K), Ballet Cat (1) Where are my Books? (2&3) and Shh! We Have a Plan (4&5) - wanted to start out with fun and/or silliness.

  6. Thanks for sharing! I read Wild About Us for the first day of school this year. My middle schoolers can use the reminder that we are all made the way we are for a reason, and we certainly shouldn't be embarrassed about any of it.


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