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Fractured: Fairy Tales Remixed by Tara Trudel

Happy, happy Friday! I am EXCITED to welcome songwriter and musician Tara Trudel to Watch. Connect. Read. to finish my sentences. We discussed James Yang, fairy tales, music, A Home Named Walter , and more. I wrote the words in purple, and she wrote the words in black . Thank you, Tara!  James Yang’s illustration for Fractured: Fairy Tales Remixed ’s album cover is more charming than any prince. James did an incredible job translating the music into a modern, whimsical piece of art. And those adorable characters? I would love to play “tag yourself” with this illustration, but I’d never be able to choose only one answer. It was such a pleasure to collaborate with James and get an inside peek at his creative process. He’s so talented! ”I Just Needed a Nap” and much like Sleeping Beauty, I kept getting interrupted! Each song on Fractured: Fairy Tales Remixed is sung by a different fairy tale character sharing a fresh point of view about their stories. In “I Just Needed a Nap,” Sleeping B

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