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Book Trailer Premiere: Bloop by Tara Lazar and Mike Boldt

Hello, Tara Lazar! Welcome back to Watch. Connect. Read.! Thank you for stopping by to celebrate Bloop  and to share its book trailer! What would you tell a group of first graders about Bloop ? Tara Lazar:  Imagine you got to adopt the best pup in the universe! That would be Bloop!  Perfect! What planted the seed for Bloop ?  Tara Lazar:  For years I’ve been joking that if aliens arrived on earth, they’d think the dogs were in charge. After all, we walk behind them, we feed them, we even pick up their poop! I made the joke to a friend at a holiday party a few years ago and she said, “You should write that book.” It never dawned on me until she said it. Thanks, Maria! Please finish the following sentence starters: Mike Boldt’s illustrations are bright and bold and bring Bloop alive in all his eager Earth-conquering craziness. This interplanetary pooch will paw his way into your heart. Dogs are amazing creatures. They are superior fluffballs of love. Did you know a stray cat just adopte

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