Children Make Terrible Pets

"Daddy, please read it one more time. Just one more time. Pretty please with sugar on top!" Sound familar? If you've read Children Make Terrible Pets to a four-year-old, it does.

A Children Make Terrible Pets cardboard cutout stands proudly next to my library's circulation desk. It is a great conversation piece. Thank you, Peter Brown, for Lucille Beatrice Bear, Liam, and Chowder.

Read an excerpt from Children Make Terrible Pets.

Peter shares the inspiration for Children Make Terrible Pets.

Michael Ian Black and Peter Brown have a hilarious discussion about The Purple Kangaroo.

Michael Ian Black reads The Purple Kangaroo while dressed in a kangaroo costume. Oh, Michael!

The Foldable Mind Teller Fortune Teller was a big hit in my library.

Peter Brown made his first picture book when he was six years old.

"I think it (Children Make Terrible Pets) is probably the best book I've ever made."

Peter Brown Studio and are fun spaces to learn about Peter and his characters.

Do you hear my credit card calling from the next room? It really wants three or four prints.

Melissa Reilly and Paul Gagne won the Carnegie Medal for their video based on A Curious Garden.


Download an educator's guide for The Curious Garden.

Borrow Peter Brown's books from your school or public library. Please support independent bookshops.


  1. Omg, this is awesome. Thank you Mr. Schu! I'm your biggest fan!


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