Missile Mouse: The Star Crusher

Sometimes it happens, though not frequently, that I booktalk a book I have not read. It makes me feel extremely uncomfortable and unprepared. Missile Mouse was one of those booktalks. I stumbled through the talk and not one third grader checked it out . Given the underwhelming student response, I spent my lunch period searching for a book trailer. VoilĂ ! I found an awesome music video/book trailer on Jake Parker's blog. The afternoon classes watched it and everyone wanted to read Missile Mouse. Thank you, Jake Parker, for helping me when I was in a pickle. (Note: The next day I read Missile Mouse.)

Browse inside Missile Mouse.

Jake Parker shows how he inks Missile Mouse.

Watch Missile Mouse come to life.

Jake Parker takes you inside Missile Mouse: Rescue on Tankium3. It was released on 1/1/11.

Agent44.com is the place for Missile Mouse updates and to view Jake's other projects.

Borrow Missile Mouse from your school or public library. Please support independent bookshops.


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