Mr. Schu Reads and Knuffle, Pigeon, and Scaredy Travel

Today's videos remind me of Coke and Pepsi McDonald's (The Genius Files: Mission Unstoppable) cross-country road trip. They visit over the top Roadside America attractions, jump off a cliff, and escape from a burning building. I can relate. Well, not jumping or escaping, but I'll drive 150 miles out of my way to visit the World's Largest Buffalo. Why do I do this? To read.

Every librarian takes his favorite characters on vacation, right?

He'll look great in your library?

Scaredy's new book comes out in February. I'm hosting a Scaredy Squirrel-themed birthday party. (PDF) I wish you could come.
1st graders love to read with Pigeon and Knuffle

Does Knuffle Bunny make you smile?

First graders created their own Pigeon story


  1. Mr Schu, do you ever sleep? I want to come to Scaredy's birthday party.


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