Sharon Creech Reads from The Unfinished Angel

In early 2001, I developed a bad case of reader's block. Thankfully, Creech's Love That Dog was published on July 24, 2001. Jack and Miss Strechberry broke the curse.

Ms. Creech's newest book, The Unfinished Angel (2009), is the perfect read-aloud. Ms. Kouri read it to her 4th graders. Here's what her students e-mailed me:

"I loved the voice of the angel, especially how she said LOAF instead of LOVE."

"I loved everything the angel said. It was just funny. I love the way she talks." 
"I've never read a story like this before. It is awesome!"

Browse inside The Unfinished Angel

Sharon Creech shares the inspiration for The Unfinished Angel.

If you're not following Sharon's blog, start right this minute. has teaching guides for all her books. There is a special guide for Love that Dog and The Unfinished Angel.

Sharon posts an eclectic mix of videos on her Youtube Channel.

Sharon Creech @ Anderson's

Sharon stopped by Anderson's Bookshop to read from The Unfinished Angel.

Borrow Sharon's books from your school or public library. Please support independent bookshops.


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