A Tale Dark and Grimm

(Thanks to Monica Edinger for tweeting the link)

I read Betsy Bird's blog every morning. This past summer she posted a rave review of A Tale Dark and Grimm. I rearranged my schedule and headed to Anderson's Bookshop to buy a copy.

10 minutes later...

Me: Betsy Bird reviewed a book I need. It is called Dark and Grimm Tales.

Favorite bookseller: Hmmm. I'm not familar with it. (searches Books in Print) Nothing is coming up.

Me: (pulls out iPhone.) Oh, it is called A Tale Dark and Grimm.

Favorite bookseller: It doesn't come out until October. Sorry.

Me: EEK!!!!!

Nearly four months later Anderson's called to say it arrived. I raced through it, loving every word. It begs to be read aloud to fourth and fifth graders. Thank you, Adam Gidwitz, for this grim tale.

The first chapter is available online. I suggest borrowing or buying it. You'll want to KEEP reading.

Visit AdamGidwitz.com to learn about Mr. Gidwitz.

Publisher's Weekly named Adam one of their Fall 2010 Flying Starts.


  1. I really liked that one too and my 6th graders LOVE it! Always out, since October that is!

  2. I just finished reading it with our 5th grade boys book club and they loved it! I need to find more titles like this one...

  3. LOVED IT my kids thought it was great.


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