Art & Max

Am I Elephant or Piggie? Frog or Toad? Mary Richards or Rhoda Morgenstern? Now, thanks to three-time Caldecott Medal winner David Wiesner, you’ll ask yourself: Am I Art or Max?

Art and Max are lizards. Arthur is serious, while Max is impulsive and bubbling with energy. The opening spread shows Art painting a portrait while listening to Pink Floyd. Max charges into the story, nearly crashes into Art’s easel, announcing, “I can paint too, Arthur!” While Art finds this news ridiculous, he eventually concedes and lets Max join, so long as he doesn’t get in the way. This decision takes readers on a colorful journey through watercolor, acrylic, pastel, and India ink. Kids will gasp at Wiesner’s bold illustrations. An eight-year-old responded, “It felt like Art was going to leap from the page. I was afraid my clothes would get covered in paint.”

Thank you, David Wiesner, for taking readers on a colorful journey. (originally posted on 100scopenotes.)

Bring colorless images to life with a paintbrush.

See David's creative process for Art & Max.

Flotsam won the Caldecott Medal in 2007.

"Flotsam grew out of a childhood love of the ocean--finding stuff at the beach." -David Wiesner

Wiesner's books have multiple cameos in "Randloph Caldecott: The Music Video."

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Anita Silvey recommended Art & Max on December 11, 2010.

David Wiesner chats about the Chestnut Hill Book Festival.

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