Bink and Gollie

Readers eagerly follow Bink and Gollie on their whimsical adventures. These spunky gals turn even the most mundane tasks, such as sock shopping, into amusing experiences.

Don’t be fooled-- although it may appear short, Bink and Gollie’s banter keeps even the advanced reader engaged and entertained. Tony Fucile’s illustrations add to the whimsy of the story--the final illustration of Fred, the fish, will cause much laughter. Your students, children, grandchildren, niece, mail carrier, and, most importantly, YOU, need this book. (Travis and I named Bink and Gollie the #1 book of 2010.)

Browse inside Bink and Gollie.

Play Bink and Gollie games.

Download a Bink and Gollie discussion guide.

Johnny Boo implores you to read Bink and Gollie.

Take a tour of Kate DiCamillo's writing room.

"Life makes more sense when I write." -Kate DiCamillo

Borrow Bink and Gollie from your school or public library. Whenever possible, please support independent bookshops.


  1. Bink and Gollie is a wonderful book! It was fun watching it get passed from student to student until nearly the entire class read it. Thank you for a wonderful website with so many outstanding resources.
    -Donna Kouri

  2. Great minds think alike--I just posted about Bink & Gollie too: I'll add your link to it later today.


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