Eric Wight and Frankie Pickle

"Reading is Awesome" -Frankie Pickle 3/18/11

Eric Wight is the creator of the popular Frankie Pickle series. He visited my school library this past Friday. His presentation was highly engaging and interactive. Every student listened attentively and clung to every word. I can guarantee that dozens of readers will create their own Frankie Pickle adventures.

Thank you, Eric Wight, for a quality chapter book series with comic book-style art.

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"I try to find music similar to what I'm writing about." -Eric Wight

Eric likes to write by his favorite lake.

"Why do you think readers are drawn to graphic novels and comic books?"

I wrote about Frankie Pickle on February 12, 2011.

Borrow the Frankie Pickle series from your school or public library. Whenever possible, please support independent bookshops.


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