Dear _____ and _____: Pack Your Bags!

Total votes: 1,322

First place: Frankie Pickle (299 votes)
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Second place: Owly (297 votes)

What an exciting week! Days have been filled with thoughts of which character will adventure out west. Each year my friend Donna and I like to spice things up - this year we invited everyone to help select our road trip buddy. Thanks to your participation, we ended up with 1,322 votes. Thank you to everyone who voted and retweeted this goofy project.

In an unexpected twist, two companions will join the fun. Voting was so close we could not, in good conscience, leave Owly home. It would be like inviting Art but not Max --or sending a postcard to Bink but not Gollie. Inspired by Dan Gutman’s recent book, The Genius Files, Owly will join the fun and pose for photographs at offbeat Roadside America sites. Frankie Pickle will visit museums, libraries, bookshops, and other exciting attractions. Tune in July 5 to follow their adventures. You never know what they will discover, but if Knuffle, Pigeon, and Scaredy’s adventures are any indication, it will be a trip you will not want to miss.

I love this Frankie Pickle advertisement as much as the German Origami Yoga book trailer.

We will visit the Owly Store to buy magnets and buttons.

Andy Runton discusses Owly's first-ever animated adventure.

Borrow Frankie Pickle and Owly from your school or public library. Follow their adventures @ .


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