The Perfect Day with Jennifer and Matthew Holm

Today was Jennifer and Matthew Holm Day in my school library.

Babymouse: Cupcake Tycoon

Babymouse and Squish


Babymouse Cupcakes

Babymouse and Squish

Babymouse: Mad Scientist

Babymouse and Squish

Jennifer and Matthew captivated every second, third, and fifth grader. They made every child feel special and infused humor into every aspect of their presentation.

I asked a dozen students to jot down something about today's author visit.

*"I want to read every Babymouse book."

*"Mr. Schu, thank you for letting me meet my favorite author and illustrator."

*"Matthew and Jennifer Holm are very funny."

* "I didn't expect them to be so funny in person."

*"Mr. Schu is the best librarian in the world. Not in the world. He's the best in the universe. Why? Because he brings the best authors to my school."

*"I cannot believe we met someone who won a Newbery Honor."

*"Anderson's Bookshop is a great place."

*"Squish is a funny character."

*"I've read Squish three times."

*"Squish helped me realize that I like Babymouse, too."

*"I give Matthew and Jennifer an A+++."

*"I'm going to make my own Squish story."

Thank you, Jennifer and Matthew Holm, for making a difference in my students' lives.

Jennifer and Matthew have always been into science. Their dad was a pediatrician and their mom was a pediatric nurse.

"Babymouse, this isn't about you today. It's about Squish."

Squish wears a mood hat.

"Does your principal look like a flatworm?" -Jennifer Holm

"My question is for Jennifer. What does it feel like to win a Newbery Honor?"

Yes, there's a Babymouse and Squish store. So many goodies!

I wrote about Babymouse and Squish on May 3, 2011.


  1. OMG! All that work you did to set up for their visit. The whole thing looks amazing. And wow, Jenni & Matt were great with the kids. The kids will remember this for a really long, long time. :-)

  2. Thank you, Alyson! Your kids will love Jennifer on Skype. She's amazing. Matthew and Jennifer were great with all the kids. Such genuine, sweet people.

  3. Wow! What a great day for your students. That is one fabulous author visit!


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