Frankie Pickle and the Mathematical Menace Giveaway

W00t! W00t! Today's the official release date for Eric Wight's Frankie Pickle and the Mathematical Menace. I'm sending a virtual birthday cake to everyone who buys a copy. If the money tree in my backyard ever grows, I promise to mail a real cake. :)

A friend and I started the best tradition: SUMMER ROAD TRIPS! Our students vote for a character they think deserves a vacation. The character with the most votes goes on the trip of a lifetime. Frankie Pickle won this year's election. Take a look at his journey...

WJohn Found the REAL VERSION of Frankie Pickle and the Mathematical Menace

I am giving away three copies of Frankie Pickle and the Mathematical Menace.

Rules for the Giveaway

* The contest runs from July 26 to 11:59 PM on June 29.

You can fill out the entry form or retweet the link. Please include @MrSchuReads in the tweet.

* If you win Frankie Pickle and the Mathematical Menace, I will send you an email or a direct message.

* You must be at least 13 to participate.

* Pay it forward. :)


  1. Loved watching the video and can't wait to get the newest Frankie Pickle.

  2. Alybee-- I love that you and your school appear in the video. :)

  3. My son loves the Closet of Doom! Can't wait to read this one with him.

  4. i have that book:) and it's really good too:)

  5. Wow! I'm excited that I found your website! I'm hoping to land the opening for our elementary preK-2nd grade library media specialist. Your site will be of great value to me. We need a BIG change in our library.


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