Books for my Niece, the Kindergartner

My four-year-old niece starts kindergarten in a few weeks. She's growing up way too fast. As you can imagine, she receives a lot of books from her Uncle John. A few months ago she said to me, "Why do you always bring me books?" To which I replied, "Well, because I love books."

Later today I will mail her the following books and a YOU'RE GOING TO ROCK KINDERGARTEN card. (Do you think they sell those at Hallmark?)



  1. Great book choices, Mr Schu...Every one of them help little ones take that giant first step to school.

  2. Lindsey--Thanks! I had to limit myself to three books. :)

  3. Love the thank you video! It is one thing to pass the love of reading on to our students, but passing it on to our family is crazy awesome.


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