Dotty by Erica Perl

Last August, Esme Codell sent me a short message that said something like, "Have you read Dotty? If not, you need to read it." Whenever Esme Codell sends me a book recommendation, I drop whatever I'm doing and head to Anderson's Bookshop. Thankfully, Anderson's was open for five more minutes and had two copies in stock. I bought both copies. I'll never forget reading Dotty in my car on a humid summer night. I sent Esme a note thanking her for introducing me to Ida, Dotty, and Ida's beloved teacher, Ms. Raymond.

Thank you, Erica Perl, for writing one of the best picture books about the power of friendship. Dotty belongs in every elementary school library and on every back-to-school book list. Trust me.

Back to School 2011

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Download Dotty lunchbox notes.

"Like in Dotty, Julia Denos created this marvelous creature that Dotty is that went beyond my imagination frankly. And then to talk to her about ways in which we could take Dotty to new places together was incredibly extraordinary." -Erica Perl

"Picture books for me are like popcorn, I just can't stop, so I start one and I pick up another one and I have another one that I'm kind of chewing on and I put one aside and then I grab another one and I love popcorn and I love picture books." -Erica Perl

Erica Perl reads an excerpt from her hilarious novel, When Life Gives You O.J.

Borrow Dotty and When Life Gives You O.J. from your school or public library. Whenever possible, please support independent bookshops.


  1. We reread this tonight too. Tomorrow is Erica S. Perl's birthday!

  2. Just suggested Dotty as a purchase for our public library. Planet Esme has been my "go to" for books for years. Her book about her teaching years was our faculty book club's first read! You are right Mr. Schu! When Esme talks, everyone involved with children's books should listen!


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