A Morning with Peter Brown

My school library was the first stop on Peter Brown's YOU WILL BE MY FRIEND! book tour.

YOU WILL BE MY FRIEND!   by, Peter Brown

Every school week should start with Peter Brown dropping by your school library. During his presentation and book signing, he made each child feel special and comfortable. He treated each child with respect and infused the perfect amount of humor into his presentation. My students will remember Peter's visit for the rest of their days. Thank you, Peter Brown!

I asked my students to jot down what they liked about Peter's visit.

*"I loved hearing about how Peter Brown became a better artist by practicing."

*"Peter is an inspirational person."

*"YOU WILL BE MY FRIEND! is the best book I've ever read."

*"Peter's Buffy story was hilarious and cute."

*"Peter Brown is very funny. "

*"He is a talented artist and writer."

*"We were thrilled to meet him. We hope he had a good time, too."

*"I like his books."

*"It was neat to see how Peter draws Lucille Beatrice Bear. I'm going to try drawing it at home."

*"It was fun to watch Peter Brown draw Lucy. He is a fantastic author."

*"I'm glad he shared his first picture book with us. It made me feel happy."

*"YOU WILL BE MY FRIEND! is a great book to share with everyone you know."

*"I liked how he talked about himself as a kid. I loved that he enjoyed drawing and reading."

*"Peter Brown has been a good artist practically his entire life."

*"He writes hilarious books."

*"My favorite part of today was when Peter Brown read aloud YOU WILL BE MY FRIEND!"

*"I wish I could draw Lucy."

*"Peter Brown is the best artist in the world."

*"My favorite Peter Brown book is The Curious Garden."

*"I hope he makes a third Lucy book. Lucy is the best character."

Peter started making picture books when he was six years old. The Adventures of Me and My Dog Buffy was one of his first picture books.

Behind the scenes of YOU WILL BE MY FRIEND!

Watch Peter draw Lucille Beatrice Bear.

It takes Peter about a year to create a book.

Borrow YOU WILL BE MY FRIEND! from your school or public library. Whenever possible, please support independent bookshops.


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