The Three Little Pigs Storybook App

My first graders are evaluating iPad storybook apps. I pay attention to how easily students navigate the app, whether they play a game before reading the story, and jot down their facial expressions. I ask each group to rate the app from 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest and ten the highest. Nosy Crow's The Three Little Pigs is earning the highest marks. I love listening in on their discussions and learning what matters to them in an app.

* "I like how the people spin around when you press on them."

* "The blue arrow helps me turn the page."

* "I didn't see the blue dot until you showed it to me."

* "I like looking for hidden things."

* "The person reading the book has a nice voice."

* "This story is a little too scary for me."

* "I love this story. It is fun and funny."

*"Can we read this book again?"

*"It feels more like I'm watching a movie than reading a book."

* "I like how the characters walk down the street."


  1. This looks sweet! I just found out today that I'm getting an Ipad to use to work with my buildings struggling readers. Look forward to more storybook app post!

  2. How do you have them evaluate the apps? Do you have a set for classroom use? Or do you show your personal device to the class via doc cam?


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