Addison's "Pinktastic" Pumpkin

Hello! My name is Addison. I am in kindergarten. My Uncle John (AKA Mr. Schu) asked me to share my "pinktastic" pumpkin. It was inspired by one of my favorite books, Pinkalicious.

First, I spray-painted my pumpkin to get it ready for Pumpkin Fest.

Next, I painted the face on my fancy pumpkin.

I traced my arms and hands.

I cut out the arms.

I cut yarn for the pumpkin's hair.

I helped Mom staple the yarn to my pumpkin.

Yay! Here is the finished product. Pinkalicious! She will be on the courthouse lawn for Pumpkin Fest.

*Special thanks to my mom for helping me with the captions.

Borrow Victoria and Elizabeth Kann's Pinkalicious from your school or public library. Whenever possible, please support independent bookshops.

Visit to play games and learn more about Pinkalicious.


  1. That is an amazing pumpkin! Great work Addison! I love the picture where you are holding the book behind the pumpkin and the pumpkin looks just like the cover!


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