An Amazing Afternoon with Richard Peck

Newbery Medal winner Richard Peck visited my school library to celebrate the release of his fortieth book, Secrets at Sea. He is a master presenter.

Isn't this a gorgeous cake?

I always meet with my students after an author's presentation to get immediate feedback.

From the mouths of fourth graders...

“I learned that writers don’t always have a schedule."

"I didn't know people still used an electric typewriter."

”Richard Peck is a nice man. I didn’t expect him to be so funny.”

”It was interesting how such a famous person seemed so normal.”

“I didn’t know writers learned so much about other authors before writing their own books.”

”I cannot believe Mr. Peck wrote forty books. That’s incredible.

”Richard Peck is a legend. I’m glad he visited my school.”

“I liked how he described his books from a different perspective than we would look at them.”

“It was interesting to learn how he used some of his relatives in his books. He is inspiring.”

”I loved the delicious Secrets at Sea cake. Yum!”

"You have to read if you want to become a better writer."

” His responses to our questions were interesting. I learned a lot about writing.”

“It surprised me how funny he was in person.”

“Richard Peck has an exciting life. He is a famous author.”

*"I like how he came up with a grandma with a shotgun. He makes characters unlike anyone I've ever met."

*"I read Secrets at Sea. It was interesting to meet the author. I think he is a great person."

*Richard Peck is funny and inspires me to become a better writer."

* "I've met six authors and he's by far the funniest."

*"He writes interesting stories."

*"Mr. Peck makes you feel like you're actually in the book."

* Mr. Schu: "Thank you, Richard Peck, for your contribution to children's literature."

"Why did you make Grandma Dowdel so tough?"

"Where were you when you found out you won the Newbery Medal?"

"You create interesting characters. How do you think of them?"

Richard Peck reads an excerpt from The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

Borrow Richard Peck's Secrets at Sea from your school or public library. Whenever possible, please support independent bookshops.


  1. Thank you for sharing this extra special visitor with your readers. He is so inspiring and funny and brilliant!

  2. I love Richard Peck. Your post on him is wonderful. Your school is lucky to have you for a librarian. You really go the extra mile. From all of we parents - thank you.


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