2011 Reading Challenge

I set an ambitious reading goal this year: 2011 books. I installed the Goodreads 2011 Reading Challenge widget on this blog's sidebar to inform me of my progress. Most months it announced I was 10% ahead. I felt good about myself. During November, I fell behind due to deadlines and re-reading titles for a book committee. I watched the percentage fall daily -- 9%, 8%, 2%, 1%...oh, the unnecessary stress! Yesterday, the widget announced the following message...

Yahoo! W00t! [insert expression of excitement here]

With every book I read, it makes it easier to provide a better response to the third grader who asks, "Mr. Schu, do you know of a book like..."

Bob Staake's Look! A Book!: A Zany Seek-and-Find Adventure gets the award for the best dedication (see photo below--courtesy of 100 Scope Notes) and the best medium note - "The illustrations in this book were created by Bob Staake using an old-school mouse, a dusty keyboard, a wood-burning monitor, and an ancient version of Adobe Photoshop 3.0."

I predict this fun seek-and-find book will be a huge hit with fans of I SPY and Can You See What I See?


Borrow Look! A Book! from your school or public library. Whenever possible, please support independent bookshops.


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