Bad Kitty for President and Babymouse for President

It's an election year! Librarians, teachers, and booksellers are ordering and displaying books about elections and presidents. When you enter my school library, it is hard to miss this display:

Bad Kitty for President was released on January 17, 2012, and Babymouse for President hits shelves on July 10, 2012. In March, my students will campaign for Babymouse and Bad Kitty. They will read books, research the candidates, create signs, write slogans, and debate. It will be an exciting smackdown between cat and mouse. Who will win?

Borrow Bad Kitty for President from your school or public library. Whenever possible, please support independent bookshops.

Download Bad Kitty for President activities from the official Bad Kitty website.

I am seriously considering putting this bumper sticker on my car. :) Download one here.

Show your support of Bad Kitty with this colorful campaign button.

MerryMakers sells an adorable Bad Kitty plush.

Watch Mr. Sharp's exclusive interview with Babymouse's campaign manager.

Babymouse for President will be released on July 10, 2012.


  1. This is an EXCELLENT idea! Love, love, love it. (Though if you throw Fake Mustache into the mix, Bad Kitty and Baby Mouse will be history:)


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