Happy New Year!

1. read every Caldecott Medal and Honor book.

2. participate in the Newbery Medal Challenge.

3. connect with schools around the world.

4. read 2012 books.

5. call my mom at least once per week.

6. try to live a stress-free life.

7. smile whenever possible.


  1. Calling my mom once a week would actually be a challenge and I should embrace it! I think I'm going to try it!!

  2. @Kathy - I DISLIKE talking on the phone. I must get better about calling my mom. I'm horrible. Absolutely horrible.

  3. 8. Make an appearance in your own videos from time to time...? :)

  4. @Anonymous -- I'm only in the videos when someone else is filming. I make many on-camera appearances on my road trip blog (http://mrschu81.wordpress.com).

  5. Uh, Mr. Schu? As a mom, I think your 5th resolution needs to be moved up to the #1 spot.


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