Inanimate Alice - A Transmedia Project

I learned about Inanimate Alice a few years ago. I planned on exploring the program and then piloting it with my fifth graders. I got wrapped up in other projects and eventually forgot about my plan. Thankfully, Laura Fleming e-mailed me the trailer you're about to watch.

I'm motivated to learn the ins and outs of Inanimate Alice. I think it is perfect for my current fifth graders. Thank you, Laura!

Visit the official Inanimate Alice site. You can can download the starter booklet, the teacher education pack, and information for parents.


  1. Thank you for the post. In addition to the resources you mentioned above, I recommend this post on using Inanimate Alice to teach digital literacy.
    Enjoy experiencing Alice, my students and I certainly did! Join us on Facebook to share your journey with educators from around the globe.

  2. @Laura --Thank you for the additional resources.

  3. A group of my fourth grade students loved reading/watching the first three episodes of Inanimate Alice. They are now creating their own chapters.

  4. WOW - thanks for the link. I've never heard of this and am getting ready to teach a literacy methods course that requires the students do a "New Literacies" Project in order to explore a literacy they aren't familiar with. I think I may use this as an example to share with them! I'd love to hear more about how it goes if you do use it with your students!


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