Newbery Medal Challenge: The Story of Mankind - 1922

Okay folks, it is time to talk about The Story of Mankind.

Visit Colby Sharp's blog to hear his thoughts on The Story of Mankind.

My goal is to take a picture with each winner.

The Story of Mankind
is available as a free ebook through Project Guttenberg.

Make sure you read The Story of Mankind before you watch the movie. It has the best tagline: "Never So Vast An Undertaking! More Than Your Eyes Have Ever Seen!" You know you want to see if your public library owns it. (Note: You will not find it in my DVD player. EVER!)

The cover on the right was designed by Travis Jonker (aka Scope Notes). He is redesigning the covers of Newbery Medal-winning books.

Here are his rules:

*I'll use FlickrCC to search for Creative Commons-licensed images using keywords related to the book being redesigned.

*I'll use Photosphop or websitse Picnic and Splashuup to create the finished product.


  1. I love the comments that popped up on the video. And kudos for you finishing The Story of Mankind. :-)

  2. Congrats on finishing the book! I agree, finishing this one feels really good.

    I enjoyed a lot of the parts where I had the background knowledge to handle the history. The parts where I didn't have the background knowledge were the parts I found difficult.

    I had a wonderful history professor in college - Professor Callahan - who sounded a lot like this book (the best parts only).

    Thanks for helping me get through the first book in the challenge!


  3. Thanks for the great video! I LOVED seeing the books you will be treating yourself to before you start Dr. D.

  4. What a great review and video! I'm beginning to think someone's going to have to turn this book into a graphic novel to get me through it. :)


  5. I SO enjoyed watching your video. It's motivated me to keep going. I am a little slow with it, but knowing you have finished inspires me to proceed.
    I hope you're feeling better! Thanks for posting this!

  6. I just signed up to join your Newbery Medal challenge--I heard about it through the Fuse8 blog. My library has one circulating copy of THE STORY OF MANKIND, and it's currently checked out. Maybe that patron has joined your challenge, too. :-) So I'll have to wait till it's returned before I can start reading.


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