Video of the Day: Zombie Chasers

I spend more hours than I care to admit hunting down book trailers, watching author interviews, and reading interesting tidbits to share with my students. Thanks to the video feature with illustrator Steve Wolfhard and author John Kloepfer, I'm calling Anderson's Bookshop in the morning to order The Zombie Chasers series. You see, book trailers and author interviews DO sell books. I think many of my students will become Zombie Chasers in 2012.

Visit to get to know the Zombie Chasers, read excerpts, and play games.

"Reading is a big part of my writing process." -John Koepfer

Borrow The Zombie Chasers from your school or public library .


  1. Dear Mr. Schu,
    Now I know these Zombie books probably aren't at my second graders reading level...but I am a huge fan of anything I will HAVE to read these! Thanks for being my go-to resource for great book ideas for my classroom and for me!


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