Aoki and Yumi by Annelore Parot

Aww, isn't that an adorable video? Professor Teri Lesene (aka The Goddess of YA Literature) asked me what my students thought of Aoki and Yumi. I asked three second graders and four fifth graders to provide feedback on both books. Teri, thank you for asking what my students thought of Annelore Parot's well-designed books.

Aoki and Yumi

Aoki and Yumi

Aoki and Yumi

"I like the cover and how it is squishy!"

"I like the textures."

"Each page is different and unique."

" I like love her family."

"I like the cut-throughs."

"Her dress is very exotic."

"I liked the illusion on pp. 3-4."

"I like the hidden flips and flaps."

"I love the costume party."

"The bright colors are BEAUTIFUL and heartwarming.

"It makes me want to own one of the dolls."

"The costumes are so cool."

"Not only is it fun it is full of educational facts."

"This book is so interesting."

"They make it look so realistic."

"We love the last page and how you had to open it."

"I love the costumes, especially when they dress up the dogs."

"This book is VERY cute and interesting."

"Popo, Yoko, and Aoki are cute characters."

"Annebre Parot has a fabulous imagination."

"This book is really creative."

"This book is carefully done."

"This book has awesome illustrations. It is so cute!"

"I learned a lot about Japan--fashion, people, and toys. I bet a baby will like this book."

"The research in this book is amazing."

"I learned more about Japanese toys and fashion."

"It smells delightful and fresh."

"The illustrations are bright and bold."

"Great for all ages!"

"It feels like it is 3-D."

"I love the outfits."

"Annelore Parot did a wonderful job."

"I think the flap-overs are so cool."

Borrow Aoki and Yumi from your school or public library. Whenever possible, please support independent bookshops.

Surf on over to Kokeshi's website to learn about these adorable characters.


  1. Thanks, John, for sharing their reactions. I love the books (have always been a big fan of moveable books). Great to see contemporary readers finding the format and the information interesting.



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