Newbery Challenge: Shen of the Sea

Anderson’s Bookshop’s 10th Annual Children’s Literature Breakfast took place on Saturday. Michigander Colby Sharp drove down for the event. We ate scrambled eggs, listened to five amazing keynote speakers, and talked about Shen of the Sea.

Jen Vincent (aka Mentor Texts) was behind the camera. Thanks, Jen!

Newbery Medal, 1926

My eye accurately reflects my mood. I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll look less irate in next week’s photograph. Do you think 1927 will be better than 1926?

Travis Jonker (aka Scope Notes) designed the cover on the right. His plan is to give each Newbery Medal winner a new cover.

Listen to an excerpt from the Shen of the Sea audio book.

Borrow Shen of the Sea from your school or public library.


  1. Thanks for making this NERDY video with me. It was a lot of fun.

  2. Thanks, guys. You are so funny.
    Librarians everywhere probably agree with you about those two oldies. I wonder what they'll think of our Newest books in another 80 years or so?
    I'm reading Wonder now. Love it so much.

  3. @Augusta - The early books are rough reads. Thanks for watching the video. :) -John


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