Read Every Day. Lead a Better Life.

I love Scholastic's global literacy campaign, Read Every Day. Lead a Better Life. I read and celebrate children's literature every day. Children's books enrich my life and make me a better, more thoughtful person. I feel tense and scattered when my schedule does not allow for an uninterrupted chunk of time to read and explore books. I highly recommend staying away from me if I ever go two consecutive days without reading. You see, books rejuvenate me. I bet you can relate.

Scholastic recruited celebrities to discuss the importance of reading every day.

Kathy Bates

Sarah Jessica Parker

Whoopi Goldberg

Henry Winkler

Tony Hawk

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Twelve illustrators were invited to interpret Read Every Day. Lead a Better Life. You can purchase the poster set for $29.99.

The Reading Bill of Rights - A Child's Right to Read


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