A Fabulous Friday Morning with Kevin Henkes

Oh, what a glorious and memorable morning my kindergartners and first and second graders spent with Caldecott Medalist Kevin Henkes. He is one of the most genuine and creative people you will ever encounter. He took us through how he creates a book--from typing the words on his typewriter to submitting the manuscript to his editor. Everyone oohed and awed as he drew Kitten in her classic pose, Penny holding a marble, and mice expressing various emotions. Kevin's enthusiasm will inspire dozens of kids to create art and write stories. Thank you, Kevin Henkes, for reading your 44th book, Penny and Her Song, to us; we look forward to reading your 45th book, and your 46th book, and your 47th book, and...

After an author-illustrator visits our school library, I always encourage students to self-reflect and share what they will remember about the experience five years from now.

*"Kevin Henkes was very nice to me."

*"He is an amazing artist."

*"He shared with us that there will be two more books about Penny. I want to read all of them."

*"I wish Kevin Henkes could visit our library every single day."

*"Mr. Kevin Henkes did an amazing job reading Penny and Her Song."

*"I enjoyed everything about his visit. I will remember it for a long time."

*"I wonder if I will ever met him again. I hope I do."

*"He is the best author and illustrator."

*"Penny and Her Song is an excellent book. I will read it over the weekend."

*"Kitten's First Full Moon is the best picture book ever created. It was fun seeing him draw Kitten."

*"I liked when he drew for us. My favorite illustration is Kitten. She looks just like the kitten in the book."

*"Mr. Henkes told us that art is all around us. I am going to look for art."

*"Kevin Henkes is awesome and fun."

*"My favorite part was when he read us Penny and Her Song. I'm happy he made three more books about Penny."

*"Kevin Henkes is a good writer."

*"I think it is interesting that he comes up with ideas when he is in the shower and working in his garden."

*"I liked seeing that he works in his attic."

*"I met someone who won the Caldecott Medal. Cool."

*"I liked that he told us how kids inspire him when they send him their artwork."

*"His details are very cool."

*"He is a smart person."

*"He draws beautiful pictures."

*"He’s always loved drawing. He has been an artist since he was a little boy."

*"I like his sense of humor."

*"Kevin Henkes is super smart and very talented."

Borrow Penny and Her Song from your school or public library. Whenever possible, please support independent bookshops.


  1. Very cool photos of what appears to be an awesome visit! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Kevin Henkes is remarkably inspiring. And we are so impressed with all you did for his reception. What author or illustrator wouldn't want to visit there based on all you do to set up for the visit?!


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