We Want to See Your #HoldShelf!

(Click here to learn about the books on my hold shelf.)

Teacher-librarian extraordinaire Travis Jonker and I invite you to participate in On Hold @ the Library. Travis is hosting this month, and I am your host next month.

Here’s how it works:

Before Tuesday, March 27th, locate the hold shelf in your library.

Take picture. Share it by any of these three methods:

  1. Post to your blog and let Travis know in the comments.
  2. Email the photo to Travis at scopenotes at gmail dot com.
  3. Tweet the photo using the hashtag #holdshelf.

…or you can earn 1,000 bonus points* if you try all three.

*Bonus points hold no cash value or any other kind of value. Sorry about that.

On Tuesday, March 27, Travis will post a picture of his hold shelf, and include any and all submissions in the post.

(Mr. Jonker wrote the rules. This should be fun!)


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