Newbery Challenge: Waterless Mountain

Colby Sharp and I are reading every single Newbery Medal winner. We are blogging, tweeting, texting, and recording our thoughts.

I look overwhelmed and tired in this photograph. I cannot wait to look back at my Newbery Challenge photographs in ten or twenty years. Will I laugh? Cry? Clap? Hmmm...
Mr. Travis Jonker is attempting to freshen up each and every Newbery winner. He designed the cover on the right. Nice work, Jonker!

Laura Adams Armer's photographs are featured on Purdue University's website.

Borrow Waterless Mountain from your school or public library. Whenever possible, please support independent bookshops.


  1. I am so glad we got to make this video together. Thanks, Mr. Schu!

  2. Loved the video! The ending was perfectly spoken and filmed - I AM having a wonderful day catching up on the nerdbery videos!


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