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Travis Jonker and I named Marty McGuire one of the best books of 2011.

2011 may well be remembered as the year princess culture suffered its first real twinges of backlash. Few books exemplified this better than Marty McGuire, the vastly entertaining story of a tomboy forced into the role of a princess for a school play. Cultural themes aside, Messner's most skillful move was tying the whole operation to the natural plot arc of prepping for and performing a play. You don't get more climactic than opening night. And Marty delivers one of the most satisfying conclusions of the year. A wonderful start to one of 2011 best new series. -Travis Jonker

Please read Marty McGuire and/or Marty McGuire Digs Worms.


  1. Yay! I just wrote on Colby's blog - can't wait for the chat. I adore Marty (and Kate too!).

  2. You got me at Twitter and Book Club and Marty McGuire - Many of my favorite things!

  3. Oh, goodies! Starting Marty McGuire with the 2nd graders on Friday. Just in time!

  4. I love these books too. Kids are checking them out and loving them. Plus I bought a worm bin and am entering into the world of worm composting!

  5. I just talked to the real Mrs. Aloi tonight at our book fair. She says she's nothing like the Mrs. Aloi in the story :-)


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