The Newbery Challenge: Thimble Summer

Colby Sharp and I met in Michigan City, Indiana, to film three Newbery videos. Travis Jonker (the man behind 100 Scope Notes) volunteered to be our videographer. Thank you, Travis!

Thimble Summer

I snap a photograph with every Newbery Medal winner.

Travis Jonker (yes, the videographer) designed the cover on the right.

Borrow Thimble Summer from your school or public library. Whenever possible, please support independent bookshops.


  1. Ohmygosh! What a story! I might have to write a book called How to Steal a Dog. Oh, wait, I already did.

  2. Great video, guys! Didn't Garnet eat the librarian's candy bar stash when she was locked in the library? I remember thinking this was hysterically funny as a kid, but I was a weird kid. I never stole a dog, though. Not like some people. ;)

  3. Elizabeth Enright's books are among my favoirtes for re-reading--I love her poetic descriptions! Can't find my copy to check, but I think Enright also drew THIMBLE SUMMER'S illustrations (both her parents were also artists, I believe). Did you know she was a niece of Frank Lloyd Wright? His work is hinted at in SPIDERWEB FOR TWO (one of her books about Melendy family) when adopted adventurous great-grandmother builds very modern house in countryside which looks like part of landscape. I recommend Enright's books to adults too, especially two about GONE-AWAY LAKE (which has multigenerational characters--a feature in maybe all her books). First GONE-AWAY book was another Newbery Honor, reminder that runners-up may be wonderful reading too!


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