See you Next Year, Children's Book Week!

I counted down the days until Children's Book Week for three months. Yesterday, I shared with a handful of people that it is a total bummer when a celebration you look forward to comes and goes. The same response came out of each person's mouth, "Mr. Schu, you treat every week like it is Children's Book Week." That is true, but it is not exactly the same experience. You cannot announce every single day to a group of smiling first graders, "HAPPY CHILDREN'S BOOK WEEK!" I guess I could shout, "LET'S CLAP FOR THE BOOKS!" or "LET'S HEAR IT FOR THE BOOKS!" or "HELLO, EXQUISITE TOMES! YOU'RE LOOKING GOOD!" (TURN OFF THE CAPS LOCK, MR. SCHU!)

I started a new tradition this year of giving away one of my favorite books each day of the week. How did it work? I announced a title on Twitter. If a person retweeted the title, he or she was entered into a drawing for the book. The first thing I did each morning was use to select a winner. I love the idea of a librarian in New York coming home from a long day at work and finding a book in her mailbox. I picture her smiling and thinking about how she will pay it forward.

I gave away the following books.

I mailed The One and Only Ivan to Carol Stream, Illinois.

I mailed Squish to Oklahoma.

I mailed Babymouse: Mad Scientist to Massachusetts.

I mailed Lunch Lady and the Mutant Mathletes to Redding, California.

I mailed Wonder to Roseville, Minnesota.

I mailed Sidekicks to Weatherford, Texas.

I mailed Boy + Bot to Manhattan Beach, California.

I mailed Ollie and Moon: Fuhgeddaboudit! to Millersburg, Pennsylvania.


  1. That's what librarians, book people, do best; share the joy. I think it is a wonderful idea. Your passion is contagious.

  2. Yeah, THE AVENGERS are okay. But Mr. Schu is a BOOK SUPERHERO! THANK YOU, MR. SCHU!


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