The Newbery Challenge: Call it Courage

Colby Sharp, Travis Jonker, and I met for breakfast in Michigan City, Indiana, to discuss books and film Newbery Challenge videos.

Watch out for the shark, Mr. Schu!

Call it Courage

Mr. Travis Jonker is on a mission to give every Newbery Medal-winning book a new cover. He designed the cover on the right.

Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color released Call it Courage on April 1, 1973. Have you ever watched it?

Borrow Call it Courage from your school or public library. Whenever possible, please support independent bookshops.


  1. My son had to read this for his fourth grade language arts class earlier this year. He says he's weighing in with a 3.5 (and that it might have been a 4, but for a short book, it just had too many boring parts). I think he's being pretty generous. Plenty for the kids to talk about in class, I suppose, but when I read it, I just felt like there wasn't anything there that promoted a love of reading, at least for me. Wondering how this book breaks down along gender lines. (Okay, not really.)


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