The Newbery Challenge: Daniel Boone

It's Saturday! That means it is time to celebrate another Newbery Medal winner.

Head on over to Colby's blog to watch his video.

The Newbery Challenge: Daniel Boone

Watch out for Bigfoot!

Mr. Travis Jonker is giving every Newbery Medal winner a new cover. He designed the one on the right. Nice work, Travis!

See if your public library owns Daniel Boone.


  1. Great video as always Mr. Schu. I have many of the same titles you do for book a day. Thank goodness for summer reading. Let the good times roll...

  2. @Margie - Thank you! I'm GREATLY looking forward to summer #bookaday. :)

  3. I admit it, I pulled up my public library page and placed holds on numerous novels you spun thru, pausing/playing your video. Shall see what I can read before my move next month. First up: A Hero for Wondla, See you at Harry's and Temple Grandin... :)

  4. Just now getting to watch your sensational video! I am ridiculously excited that you mentioned me in it. I actually paid a good bit of money ordering Daniel Boone online (My library weeded it a while ago too). Once upon a time, I wanted to not only read all of the Newbery winners but OWN them as well. This was when I was first starting out reading the Newberys and before I realized that many of them are AWFUL (and I don't really want to own them after all).
    So I switched to the Printz books which I am almost though reading, and am in the process of scowering my local used bookstores so I can say I own all of the Printz winners and honors. (I still plan on reading all the Newberys before I die, but I'm conquering the Printz ones first)
    Anyway, that is the sordid story of how I came into contact with the horrible Daniel Boone. I hope you will be able to find some use for it or pass it on to somebody else doing #Nerdbery.
    Your #bookaday books look fabulous! I have many of them on my list as well; not sure how many I will get to, though. Summer is the busy time for us public library people.
    Finally, Love the Babymouse poster. Mine is framed and hanging in my kitchen :)

  5. You and Colby are so restrained. Is this because your students are watching the reviews? I confess to going off on quite a rant when I read this for The Newbery Project blog a few years ago. It's the only book I've read that I wanted the library to pull from its (children's!) shelves.


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