The Newbery Challenge: Rabbit Hill

I am trying my best not to feel guilty about posting this video three days late. I thought I could film videos and update my blog during ALA '12. I guess I'm unable to juggle presentations, sessions, social events, United sending my luggage to the wrong airport, losing an iPhone, misplacing my iPad, and spontaneous nose bleeds. Anyway, I am back and will not apologize for this delay. (Well, OK, sorry!)

Check out Colby Sharp's video.

The Newbery Challenge: Rabbit Hill

Travis Jonker designed the cover on the right.

Borrow Rabbit Hill from your school or public library. Whenever possible, please support independent bookshops.


  1. I read Rabbit Hill as a child and loved it. For me it led to books like Watership Down and The Cold Moons. I am not sure it translates to easily to our students today, but I can think of a few students I've known who would love it like I did.


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