#SummerReading and #ALA12

Katherine Schulten, editor of The Learning Network, is hosting an all-day Twitter discussion about summer reading on June 7. What can you say on June 7? Well, Katherine recommends the following topics:

*What you want to read — or have to read — this summer

*Wonderful, or awful, memories of summer reading

*Quotes about summer reading, or about reading in general

*Book recommendations for others

*Tips for getting students to read in the summer

*Links to booklists, contests and other resources

*Summer book-club ideas

*Visuals! Summer-book photos might be worth 1,000 words…

*Summer site-specific recommendations: best beach books, camping books, car-trip audio books, family-reunion books, etc.

*Best places to summer-read, or best things to eat and drink while summer reading

I look forward to following the hashtag #summerreading on June 7, and I hope to "see" you there.

Are you heading to Anaheim in a few weeks for this year's American Library Association conference? If yes, check out "Best in the West." If you're not attending, you might still want to take a look at the article because you'll see me reading in an interesting outfit. :)
A sneak peek


  1. Thanks for this-I hadn't heard about this twitter event and would love to join it.


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