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Stacy Ford is a teacher-librarian at Kennedy Elementary School. He is on a quest to create a transformative school library program. One way he does this is by inviting authors to Skype with his students. On March 9th, award-winning author Chris Barton connected with his 3rd and 4th graders.

I invited Stacy on Watch. Connect. Read. to discuss his successful Skype visit. I wrote the words in red, and Stacy wrote the words in black. Thanks, Stacy!

*I connect my students with authors because many of them have never seen an author before and the ability to connect books with a face engages them as readers.

*My students think the Skype visit was a great way to meet an author. They were excited to have an author meet them and answer their questions.

*Shark vs. Train was a student favorite. Chris showed students sketches that didn’t appear in the book and discussed his collaboration with the illustrator. Students loved seeing illustrations that weren’t in the book.

*Chris Barton’s books are diverse. The Day-Glo Brothers was one of our state nominated titles and students read it all the time after his visit. Students of all ages connect with Chris’ books.

*The best part of Chris Barton’s visit was the ample time students were given to ask questions that Chris was able to answer.

* Mr. Schu, you should have asked me about Chris’ response to who were his favorite authors. He mentioned Judy Blume and an entire class of 3rd graders who were hooked on the Fudge series became ecstatic. It was awesome!

Visit Shark vs. Train's website to download wallpapers, view exclusive outtakes, and download an eye-catching poster.

Chris created well-organized pinboards for his books.

Mr. Barton's website is INCREDIBLY organized and has dozens of interesting links just waiting for you to explore.

Borrow Chris Barton's books from your school or public library. Whenever possible, please support independent bookshops.


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